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At MedReleaf Telehealth Clinics, our top priority is patient healthcare and we strive to support your health concerns through safe and affordable plant-based medicine, to help restore your quality of life

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MedReleaf Telehealth Clinics specialise in plant-based medicine helping patients with chronic conditions who do not get relief with standard therapy. Our doctors will work with you to explore the best option for your condition.

MedReleaf Telehealth Clinics have been at the forefront of whole plant medicines here in Australia. Plant based medicine can be useful in a variety of conditions.

How does MedReleaf Telehealth work?

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The Doctor will assess your condition and therapies you have tried and make appropriate recommendations.

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The Doctor will assess your progress and make adjustments to your therapy as required

From our patients

"The doctor was amazing and understanding to my situation.

The process was really easy and no stress. Thanks MedReleaf you’ve changed my life more than you could know.”

Cory M

Are you eligible?

Our Authorised Prescribing Doctors are here to help

Our team of TGA approved Doctors are here to help support you and your health concerns through safe and affordable plant-based therapy.

Dr Chris Lloyd


Dr Marguerite Clark


Dr Ajay Bhalla


Dr Hung Lee Ho


Dr Rebecca Suzanne Graham

Dr Rebecca Suzanne Graham

MBBS Bch Bao

Dr. Guy Wright

M.B, Ch.B, Dip.Occ.Med, FRACGP

Dr Parul Agarwal

Dr Parul Agarwal


Dr Jamie Rickcord

BSc (Hons). MBBS. FRACGP. M.Med (Psychotherapy)

How are MedReleaf Telehealth Clinics different?

Patient-centred care

Our experienced team of Doctors and Clinical Pharmacists delivering tailored support for your healthcare needs

Patient Concession Scheme

Company sponsored program offering more affordable access to those with a concession card

From our patients

"Medreleaf looked after me from day one with one of the most amazing, friendly, understanding, intelligent and helpful doctors I have been under.

My Doctor at Medreleaf has provided me with help that almost no one else could.”

Adam K

MedReleaf Clinics

MedReleaf Concession Scheme (MCS)

To provide easier access for Australians*, MedReleaf Australia is proud to offer a concession scheme for doctors to prescribe to qualified concession cardholders

*The MedReleaf Concession Scheme (MCS) is only available to the following cardholders†

† Note: Concession and health care card holders must have an active Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN). Cardholders only (not their dependents listed on the card) are entitled to the concession prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are tight restrictions around the manufacture, supply and prescribing of plant-based medicine is in Australia, however, recent changes in the legislation mean you can now more readily access medical cannabis from a doctor and local pharmacy.

Visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for information.

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What conditions do your doctors treat?

Our doctors offer a range of services including

  • Pain management
  • Psychology
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Sleep management

You will need to book an appointment with a GP to discuss your condition and determine the most appropriate therapy.